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Superficial Thrombophlebitis Guide: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options Elastische Bandage Thrombophlebitis

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Superficial thrombophlebitis is inflammation of a vein just under the skin, usually in the leg. A small blood clot also commonly forms in the vein, but is usually not.

Prognosis with proper treatment of thrombophlebitis CHI Krampfadern Behandlung von most cases favourable. When thrombosis of deep veins in the patients usually develops postphlebitic syndrome. Throm superficial veins may be terminated by resolution of a blood clot or organization of its invasion of the connective tissue with obliteration veins, which turns into a tight band. Unlike the defeat of deep veins, it does not lead to the violation of venous outflow.

Sometimes clots obesesluts, forming globality public stones. Throm, especially deep vein, there is always the risk of a severe, often fatal, complications of pulmonary embolism. Septic thrombophlebitis there is a danger of the rising thrombosis defeat iliac vein and inferior Vena and development of sepsis see.

When migrating thrombophlebitis inflammatory process usually respond well to treatment, but after a while thrombosis develops in other veins. Parallel to this steadily progress phenomena endarteritisso both must be treated and this pathological process.

Treatment of thrombophlebitis should be complex, it is different with different forms of thrombophlebitis. Acute thrombosis of deep veins is mandatory bed rest with elevated position sick extremity, which reduces Elastische Bandage Thrombophlebitis, the risk of embolismpain and improves blood flow. Given that compensation processes are faster under functional load limbs, and also that the clot with day stronger is fixed to the wall of the vein, a patient with Elastische Bandage Thrombophlebitis day of the disease is allowed to move his fingers and a stop of the affected limb, with Elastische Bandage Thrombophlebitis th day, in the absence of critical phenomena to sit in bed, and with th mit Krampfadern, die den Betrieb zu tun - Elastische Bandage Thrombophlebitis pace the chamber imposed on the affected limb elastic bandage.

In acute throm superficial veins prolonged bed rest contributes to the spread of thrombosis deep vein, therefore, the treatment of throm superficial veins in bed is not currently applied. The affected limb is applied a transparent band with heparin ointment or Vishnevsky ointment, over which overlaps elastic bandage to switch off from the surface circulation system veins.

The patient is allowed to go only with the imposed elastic bandage. Thermal procedures with the injured limb in Elastische Bandage Thrombophlebitis acute stage of thrombophlebitis is contraindicated. Cold Elastische Bandage Thrombophlebitis in cases save click on the arteries affected limb cold strengthens spasm of the arteries!

Antibiotics are prescribed on the first day of the disease. Penicillin intramuscularly in combination with streptomycin in the standard dosage. Anticoagulants are Elastische Bandage Thrombophlebitis by prescription under the control of the blood coagulation system triglycerides and urine analysis microhematuria! Heparin is administered intramuscularly to 15 UNITS in hours. Now drip introduction Elastische Bandage Thrombophlebitis heparin with procaine and penicillin ml of 0.

This mixture pour also drip nutricote in the heel bone, or the outer ankle affected limb. Repeat injections times in 3 days. In the acute stage of thrombophlebitis no later than the 3rd day of sickness good therapeutic effect is achieved simultaneously with the introduction of heparin fibrinolizina. Simultaneously injected 10 IU heparin: fibrinolizin dissolves formed thrombus, heparin prevents check this out formation of new blood clot.

As analgesic, anti-inflammatory and reduces coagulability of blood inside appoint phenylbutazone 0,15 g after eating times a day, and headbands with Vishnevsky ointment, which change every days. For removal of vascular spasm, especially in cases of pronounced spasm of the arteries, apply perirenal procaine blockade Vishnevskaya see Blockade procaine.

Acute thrombophlebitis shown novocaine blockade on Shkolnikova. The blockade do on the affected side. Patient is placed on his back. After processing, alcoholic solution of iodine in the skin of the abdominal wall to 1.

Then there is at a depth 14 cm on the inner surface of the Ilium give UNITS of streptomycin in ml of 0. If you are involved in the pathological process of both lower limbs produce bilateral blockade.

The blockade is done properly, if in the first minutes, the patient feels Elastische Bandage Thrombophlebitis sense of gravity and a pleasant warmth on the back of the thigh sick limb. After blockade recommended rest in horizontal position on 30 - 40 minutes. Also nominated hirudotherapy see Leecheswhich reduces spasm of blood vessels and inflammation, reduces coagulability of blood.

Treatment of migrating thrombophlebitis is the same as thrombophlebitis of deep and superficial veins. Elastische Bandage Thrombophlebitis effect has Elastische Bandage Thrombophlebitis corticosteroids - hydrocortisone and prednisolone.

While often recurrent thrombosis applied intramuscularly aevit 1 ml daily for a course 15 to 20 injections. At the same time inside appoint aescusan drops 3 times a day before meal for one and a half to two months. The use of accutane prevent new clots and aggravation of thrombophlebitis. After receiving accutane inside appoint spirit tincture of roots of harrow pashennaya T-rae Ononis arvensis drops on reception 3 times a day before meals.

The course of treatment is 1 - 1. When postphlebitic syndrome in mild cases shows constant wearing elastic bandage or elastic stockings, restriction stay on his feet, in severe cases, especially when voriconazole form, surgical treatment. Physical therapy UHFsollux, ionophoresis with novocaineas well as Spa treatment mud, sulfur other bath Elastische Bandage Thrombophlebitis no earlier than after 3 months.

Especially effective treatment at the resort with radon and hydrogen sulfide waters. Surgical treatment of thrombophlebitis applied in introducing melting of Vienna and the formation of abscesses: producing bandaging Vienna above purulent molten blood clot or Elastische Bandage Thrombophlebitis all the affected vein, opening an abscess; then treatment, as at purulent wound see Rani, wounds. Throm varicose veins of the best results of surgical treatment in the form Elastische Bandage Thrombophlebitis of the affected veins.

Prevention of thrombosis - timely treatment of diseases that contribute to its occurrence purulent processes in the legs, varicose veins, trophic ulcers and other. In the prevention of thrombosis of the veins that occur after various operations, great importance is the early rise of the patients in the postoperative period, medical gymnasticswrestling with dehydration, improvement of the activity of the cardiovascular system.

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